Life of the Pan’s

Panzer Pan (Part 1)

 Pawear (year)=2312 Panth (month)= Summer 3 (August) SunTop (day)=12th


     ”Run Panzer, run!” As I was running, my dads voice slowly faded away. I started to slow down, my mom was holding me on my right paw saying,”Don’t stop!” as she was yanking me forward. Then she suddenly paused. I asked, “What happened mommy?” She quickly said ,”Be quiet,” We waited while crouching down for a while. The I saw a shadow of something, and once my mom saw it she quickly ran towards a different direction. As we were running, I heard behind us, “Get them!”. Then we entered a small village area. My mom knocked on a random panda’s house and then licked me on the cheek while saying “I love you,” and then she left. Then in front of me, the door swung open and the person standing there asked me,

“Who are you? ”

I said,”I’m Panzer,”

“And what are you doing here?”

“My mom and dad were escaping a monster or something,”

Before I finished my sentence, He said something to himself. I asked him,”What?” He said,

“Nothing, just hurry up and get inside.”

I Started to get in, but I must have been slow because he yanked me inside. As he was closing the door, Outside I heard the same voice that said, “Get them!” but instead, they said where did they go. Then I heard my dad chained up. Cling, Cling, Cling.

“What is going to happen to my mom?”  I asked the stranger.

“I don’t know boy…I don’t know,” he sighed.

I noticed that he was very ugly, so I carefully walked to the door, trying to escape.

“Hey kid where you going?” he asked me, “Get back here. It is too dangerous outside.”

So I had no choice but to wait inside the house for my parents to get me back. After a while, the stranger said,

“Panzer, you are one brave boy.”

I tried avoiding eye contact, I did not want to see his face anymore.

“Did you hear?”

Suddenly I forgot his ugliness and spun around and said,

“Sorry Sir. I- WAAAAA!”

I realized he wasn’t an ugly panda, he was a BROWN bear.

“What’s wrong?” he asked, in his big broad brown bear voice.

“Oh uh nothing. I just thought you were a panda at first.”

“Something wrong with your sight?”

“Uh…” I thought for a moment, “Yeah.”

“We better get you to see the eye doctors, they will know what to do about your eyesight.”

“I guess so…” I never been to a doctor before. My family couldn’t afford them.

“So kid how old are you?”

“A hundred,” I said.

“You liar!”

“No I meant… 100 suntops after new pawear. Um, i’m 5 pawears old,”

     Once he was about to say something, I saw out the window the monsters were leaving. They said, “No pandas around here, lets go.” Then The bear said to me,

“My name is Bawler, We need to get you dressed up into a brown bear, or else you will never get away from here.”


Bawler began dying my pelt the color brown, and before i knew it, i looked like a grizzly.

     He told me that my eye site was horrible, so he took me to the eye doctor. It took a while till we got there, and when we opened the door, there was nobody. Then once we turned around, the monsters were there. I screamed and Bawler quickly shushed me. Then the monsters screamed, “I smell a panda, and heard a panda scream here!” Once he was finished, we silently walked back home. But once we started moving, it started to rain, and my pelt turned back to black and white in a instant. Bawler held me into his arms and threw me into a haystack far away. I landed in it softly, as i saw Bawler getting captured by those monsters. He screamed, “Be safe, and find your parents!” And then, I started to follow the monsters slowly………