PANDAS the story of all of us (Part two)


The story of all of us

Part two, war, diseases, and religion

518,232,513,111,341 B.K

     Deep in the forest of the kingdom Pan, was a small house. The house was packed with technology. There was a bunch of things in the building. The owner of this house came from Pan. He was a weapon engineer. He was the one that invented the cannon, flame catapult, and the trowing spear. Then suddenly, he had an idea, he packed a lot of gunpowder in a machine. The machine compressed the gunpowder till it was as dense as lead. He put the gunpowder in a small container. He put a small piece of yarn leading to the gunpowder on the top of the container. He went to test is. This is the begging of the bomb. He lit the yarn and ran away fast. Once the fire got to the gunpowder, “BOOM!” The trees all around the bomb collapsed. He was running towards his house, grabbed all his goods (including an other bomb), and went towards the leader of the army.

After a little while…

     ”Pant, pant, pant,”  As the weapon engineer, Panor, was talking to the army leader. The leader asked what was going on. Then Panor quickly responded, “I wanted to show you…this!” Panor held out the bomb. The army leader then asked, “What is this?” Panor answered,

“It is a bomb!”

“What does is do?”

“watch this…”

And then, Panor and the leader walked out into the open. Panor lit the yarn, and it went,”BOOM!” again. The leader was stunned by the amazing invention. He told Panor to hire a lot of workers to mass produce the bomb. Then the leader gave Panor a huge wad of money, and then left.

501, 131, 371,425 B.K

     ”Quick, hide behind the walls! We are going to explode to death!” As the kingdom of Velmark (now fully destroyed. Velmark attacked Pan and Pan won by over 1-100. Velmark lost everything and it no longer exists.) were screaming, “The kingdom Pan got us, we are doomed! Retreat!” All the other cats of Velmark were trying to leave but failed. No Velmark cats survived. Pan was victorious. Pan only won because of the bomb. Many and many wars came, and Pan was winning all of them. They are now rich in every way possible. Then, there was an other war. An unexpected one. The Attackers came here, and spread diseases.

498,598,698,498 B.K

     The disease, the white death (T.W.D), has already killed over %50 of the whole Pan kingdom. They tried to fight it of with legendary medicine, but it didn’t work. Nothing helped. The pandas with the disease had to go out on ships all the way to a land that has a lot of fresh plants and air. It didn’t work either. Then, they gave up. The people that had it died and the people that didn’t have it survived. It was like this for over 100 years in Panda World. Then, it was finally over. %75 of all the pandas in the Panda World died. Only %25 survived.

498,589, 698,545 B.K

     Pan was also a religion. The religion that started the kingdom. Now, there are different religions. At that time if a panda believed a different religion. They have to get sent away, or if the religion was offensive. They either get killed or they leave in an instant. No panda dared to believe in a different religion. They loved the kingdom Pan and they wanted to stay there. So some believed differently secret. Then, a panda named Pandadoor Panswell started an new kingdom (now just a city in the kingdom Pan, also now in Pan, pandas can believe differently freely) The kingdom is called Religious Pandas. They moved there, made a huge city, added big houses, added a castle, and it was good enough for them. This is how the Roz religion (Pan’s grizzly brother) spread to the kingdom of Pan…

Part 3 is going to be Roz belief, different pandas, and new technology.

PANDA the story of all of us


The story of all of us

Part one, Birth, environment, and kingdom

563,458,105,235,823 B.K (Before King)

     Like every  other birth, it started with a explosion. The explosion wasn’t like any other explosion, it was an explosion of life. The explosion came from the flame of life, created by Pandamount, the life chemist. One of the C.J.7 planets most powerful chemist. He added bamboo to the flame of life. He waited for a while. And the n finally decided to go to bed and wait for the explosion.

     ”BOOM!” Pandamount (P.M) woke up in an instant. When he looked at the flame of life, an animal was sitting there. The animal was small, and the size of a stick of butter. It was pink. He named the species a Panda. P.M gave the Panda lots of choices. He let him choose the environment. The choices were 1. Jungle 2.forest 3.dessert 4.snow 5.grasslands 6.ocean 7.moutain 9.underground 10.exotic forest. The food type, Plants, Animal, and mixture. The Panda chose exotic forest and plant. P.M named that panda Pan. Pan was the first panda ever born.

518,232,513,515,565 B.K

     Pan became the god of Panda world. More and more pandas were born each minute. The pandas that time didn’t know almost anything. They didn’t develop any complex communication yet. They just communicated by drawing pictures. Years went by. There drawings got more complex. And they finally got words to talk now. They slowly got more advanced in making sounds. After a long time, they finally got to talk to each other. They started schools, work areas, villages, stores, farms, and so on. There village grew bigger and bigger every second. Then the owners of the village decided to make the big village to a Kingdom. This was the begging of the Pan kingdom. The Pan kingdom quickly started building the castle. They made an army, made every building stronger with a element stronger then steel. They created thick stone walls around the kingdom. Forests were being cut down. Armies surrounded the kingdom with millions of cannoneers, archers, barbarians, knights, armored swordsmen, catapults,and more. The kingdom Pan is still today, the strongest kingdom ever.

Part 2 is going to be war, diseases and religion.


It all started with an search, some pandas were searching for a herb that could give the owner that picked it a immortal life. It was a mere coincidence that the queen or darkness was searching too. She was using a potion to make herself beautiful instead of people having to see her hideous, ugly face. She stumbled and accidentally tripped one of the pandas. Obviously, the pandas didn’t know it was the queen of darkness. So they killed her on the spot.

News spread to the darkness king and he sent 4 of his best men to avenge his wife’s life. The next morning the 2 pandas were gone.

The parents of the 2 pandas were begging the king to keep searching so Pan the king sent two of his best men to search for the pandas. So general Pandze and his best student Panbo set out for the search. They were searching for hours and they saw the bamboo getting darker every time they took a step. “Let’s go back,”  the student

“Okay let’s go,” the general replied

As they started to leave 5 dark soldiers came

Life of the Pan’s (Part 5)

Panzer Pan (Part 5)

Pawear (year)=2312 Panth (month)= Summer 3 (August) SunTop (day)=14th


     ”Cling click clack.” They have unlocked our cells. Once they unlocked my parents, they suddenly started screaming. When I looked what was happening, I saw Bawler crushing everyone while rushing towards the cells. When the monsters were leaving, I pushed the cell door to see more. Then i fell out of the cell. I told my parents, “The doors are unlocked!” my parents came out of there cell. They hugged me and we started running out. While we were running, Bawler saw us and started to follow us. Bawler was about to talk. But before he could, a huge bear grabbed him. I was panicking as Bawler was fighting the bear like thing. Bawler was fighting for a while. Me and my parents were just behind a haystack. Then suddenly a green gas came out of nowhere and the Bawler put the bear on the haystack we were hiding behind. As we were going to go to Bawler,  3 monster grabbed me, my mom, and my dad. Bawler came to look at us and he was scared. I was so scared that i barley remembered anything. But i did remember the monsters head get crushed. That was awesome. When I turned around to see who saved me and my families life, it was the leader of the grizzly army. He brought a whole army with him. I thought we were going to loss because there were only a few bears left. I was wrong.

     As the last potion was going to hit, I leaped out so the potion was only on me. When i got hit, nothing happened to me. I only got stronger. I started rampaging. I first attacked all the bears, and all of them barfed and turned normal. The monsters kept shooting at me, but the bullets will only bounce back and hit them. There swords will break the second they hit me. They ran out of supplies so they started running away. All the bears are now normal. All the monsters are gone, and the castle wasn’t going to collapse. But then i realized one thing. We were extremely tired, and also happy. We won the battle. But we can’t celebrate. We only have a few bears left. Bawler wasn’t one of the few. He didn’t survive the attack. We all started crying. As we were crying, i saw Bawler in the corner. And in his hands, was a piece of paper. I grabbed it, and it said…

Dear the Pan’s,

     Thank you for this wonderful experience. This was what my dream was, to have an adventure. But with my job, a farmer, I never had a chance to do that. But when you came along, it was a amazing opportunity to have an adventure. You coming was the best thing that has ever happened to me. Thank you for the adventure.



     Then, i saw Bawler move a little. It was a amazing. We had never had something this wonderful happen to us. Bawler was alright. We were happy. Then the rest of the bears got up, too. The leader of the grizzly army said to Bawler,”You are a wonderful soul, so have this crown and become the leader of the grizzly army.” Then he went away.


Pawear (year)=2324 Panth (month)= Summer 1 (August) SunTop (day)=8th

     Me, Bawler, and my family all moved to the Grizzly village. We got a mansion (thanks to Bawlers help) and guards (also Bawlers). We got brought to a nice, eye doctor and now i can see better. Also, Bawler now is healthier than ever. Now we have a good life. Bawler goes on lots of adventures. And best of all, we are with our family. This is the story of us…

The War in the Deep (Part 1)

The War in the Deep (Part One)

 By Timmy

     Hi, I am Timmy the giant panda, but I’m not just a Panda. I’m the god of water of Panda World. I am telling a story of the first war in panda water city. “Hey Timmy,the red pandas are coming in for impact at are walls!”

“Ok, I’ll make sure no water gets in our city…”

Then suddenly a big “BOOM!” came.

“Boys! get to the subs and get ready for battle!”.

“Timmy!” said Pandze.


“The red pandas have a giant wave coming, okay?  Get to the laser cannons and make sure no one attacks the wall!” Behind TImmy, a army man said, “Timmy, your submarine is ready.”

“Okay.”  said.

As I ran to my sub, I finally see what my troops were talking about. I almost fainted as I was getting in my submarine.”Boys, let’s go to war!” As I watch the red pandas come in our wall and shoot at us. I  shoot rapidly and took out 3 red pandas, and one ship. I made the water push into some rocks. Then I saw the one thing I didn’t want to see. The mother submarine. I went at it as I took other submarines down. there was an opening at the bottom that I went into it. It was very dark in there I started walking into the dark, and then the light came on. I looked around. There was about 900 red pandas starring at me with hungry eyes that were about to kill me. Only a group of Giant Pandas can beet this, but not only one.


Make sure to read The war in the deep (part 2)


(This doesn’t go with the Life of a Panda series, which is coming in a month or so!)