Adventures of Pan

Adventures of Pan


Pan is just a normal but still epic panda god, but he went on many adventures after he was crowned god of Panda World. Pan is a panda and he created all of the pandas.

——-Adventure 1——-

It all started in a deep forest. Pan was on his way to find a mystic flower for his greatest warrior. The warrior fought for Pan’s life, but they where outnumbered, the warrior gave Pan a mystic potion that warps the beholder that drank it to the panda kingdom. After the fight the panda army found the place where Pan’s life was saved, they saw the great warrior on the ground in a deep coma that can only be cured by the mystic flower in the sacred forest. Pan knew that Kyo his greatest panda warrior, saved his life. So, he had to save his.

I was cutting so much vines that if I collected all the vines I cut I could make the whole kingdom covered with vines, but I wouldn’t because the pandas will complain.

Finally, I found the cave of where the mystic flower was embedded, but with a flower that powerful there was always a twist, and this time the twist is a test for life and death. I quickly walk into the cave…

I brought out my bamboo staff to fight off any monsters. Not long later, Pan encountered his first monster a giant cave spider, but no worries I simply just trapped “it” in a bamboo cage, I have been learning how to just make random bamboo everywhere so that finally came in use. I instantly knew that 1 spider would be a sign for more. I unfortunately was right, but again no worries no insect or animal can hate a bamboo shortcake so all I did was throw it behind them then the were all attracted to it.

After slaying lots of spiders I reach the table and I think to myself how nice mahogany. As simple as ever there are two cups I have to choose one riddle is “Follow Your Heart and Let the Blood flow Through Your Body.” I think for a second and my heart is thinking left and I hold the left cup and then I think again my heart is on the right side so I grab the right cup and drink it. Not the best taste ever though. It the gives me power to see through walls and I look around and see behind a wall and I see the flower. I use my staff and break the wall instantly. I grab the flower and I got out. “Woooooooooosh,” an arrow flies and I hit the ground hard.

I wake up in the kingdom in my bed. “How did I get here?”

“Sir we thought you were gone too long so we came for you.”

I glance up and realize that it is Kyo. I shoot up like I wasn’t even injured and I say” Let’s have a feast!!!!”

                                                                                                                    THE END

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