Life of The Pan’s (Part 2)

Bawler Grizz (Part 2)

 Pawear (year)=2312 Panth (month)= Summer 3 (August) SunTop (day)=12th


     As I was trying to fight the monsters, I saw Panzer behind them. The monsters must have looked at my eye because before I knew it, a monster went Panzers way. As I was trying to escape, I saw the monster raised his sword and panzer scream. Then I had no choice, I escaped and atacked the monster. The monster fell to the ground and got crushed flat. I grabbed his sword and screamed to Panzer, “Run!” The monsters were getting killed by my sword. Then I saw Panzer running. As  I was watching him run, I forgot about the monsters that I was attacking and they piled on top of me. As they were on me, i felt a little thing in my pocket. It was a tiny lava bomb. I grabbed it and threw it at them. They started screaming and walked back. I screamed to Panzer, “The monsters are scared of lava!” He heard it and started running with buckets heading towards the volcano. I was to weak to fight the rest of the monsters so i fell to the ground.

     I got chained up after I lost the battle. I was walking a long distance until I got to a castle. I hope Panzer isn’t hurt, not captured and got the lava. I was trown into a jail. As I was walking through the cell. I saw Panzers parents at the last cell. I whispered to them saying Panzer is safe. i got thrown into the junk yard. I touched the fence and it only stun me a little. The fence is only dangerous to pandas, but not grizzlies………

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