Life of the Pan’s (Part 3)

Panzer Pan (Part 3)

Pawear (year)=2312 Panth (month)= Summer 3 (August) SunTop (day)=13th


     While i was running with the buckets, i heard a noise in front of me. I was scared so i hid behind a scaled rock. Then when the rock moved, i screamed. It wasn’t a rock, it was a monster. I tried to escape but it was no use. Once the monsters heard my scream they came rushing towards me. The monster that i thought that was a rock already had captured me in his arms. I was trapped. They chained me up and the monsters went towards a big prison. The monsters were discussing in there weird language. I didn’t understand a single word they said except for 2 words, and they were, “Panda, and eat.”

     I fainted when i heard those two words, so i just woke up. I was trapped in a jail cell in front of my parents. I was happy to see them, but also sad to see them in jail. They where crying, trying to reach there paws to touch mine. While i was trying to reach them, i saw something in the corner of my eye. A huge whole was in the electric fence. It was grizzly sized. Then i thought, “Bawler!” I was happy he escaped, and i also hoped that he is getting some lava. Not like other grizzlies that only care about eating, he was actually smart. Then The monsters were grabbing animals to eat. Then, It was my turn to be eaten……

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