Life of the Pan’s (Part 4)

Bawler Grizz (Part 4)

Pawear (year)=2312 Panth (month)= Summer 3 (August) SunTop (day)=13th


     When I escaped the prison, the monsters didn’t even notice. So I stole the of the water buckets outside of the castle and went towards the a trail of footprints that lead to a volcano. But for some reason they had panda footprints the size of Panzers going towards the castle. Then I thought of what most likely happened, the monsters captured Panzer. I was scared, and even almost panicked. But then i thought of a plan. I dropped the buckets, and broke into the castle.

     Once i was in, I punched the monsters to death. Slowly, i got closer to the jail cells. While i was running, I saw Panzer and his family running out. Then i stopped and started to follow them. When i was about to tell them something a big bear, about 2 times bigger than me grabbed me by the neck. I punched him, and then i realized that he wasn’t a normal bear. He was my bigger brother poisoned with the monsters potion. So he turned into one of them. He grew scales a huge tail, razor sharp claws, and the size of a really big tree. Then i got furious. I suddenly punched my brother in the gut and went behind him and grabbed him by the neck, and punched his weak spot that makes him barf. He started to shrink and turned back into my brother. He barfed out a green gas that eventually went away. While he was down i put him in a haystack. Then i spun around to talk to Panzers family i saw that they were captured by 3 monsters. They each had a sword at there neck. The monsters then said, “If you destroy this castle, Your friends will go bye bye. Make your decision.” When i was about to say something, something grabbed two of the heads on the side and bonked them together so hard that there skulls cracked and they were bleeding like crazy. When i walked closer to the thing that saved our lives, the thing walked out of the shadow. Then instantly i recognized him. He was the leader of the Grizzly army. He asked me, “I heard you needed help,” and he screamed, “Come out!” and once he said that a huge army of archers, swords men, knights, cannons and a bunch of extra suits of armor and others. He gave me a extra protective suit and panzers family panda armor. He gave us all swords and bows and arrows. Then he screamed, “Attack!” We all charged at the castle. Destroying it bit by bit. Once the castle was down, outside there was a bigger army. But not a good one. The monsters had there very own army. They shot one cannon. The cannon shot out a green potion. It exploded and made the area of grizzlies turn into monster bears. Then, we started to attack the monsters and the monster bears. After hours of attacking, only about 10 grizzlies were left. We got defeated. And then, the last potion fired at the remaining bears. We were doomed….

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