Life of the Pan’s (Part 5)

Panzer Pan (Part 5)

Pawear (year)=2312 Panth (month)= Summer 3 (August) SunTop (day)=14th


     ”Cling click clack.” They have unlocked our cells. Once they unlocked my parents, they suddenly started screaming. When I looked what was happening, I saw Bawler crushing everyone while rushing towards the cells. When the monsters were leaving, I pushed the cell door to see more. Then i fell out of the cell. I told my parents, “The doors are unlocked!” my parents came out of there cell. They hugged me and we started running out. While we were running, Bawler saw us and started to follow us. Bawler was about to talk. But before he could, a huge bear grabbed him. I was panicking as Bawler was fighting the bear like thing. Bawler was fighting for a while. Me and my parents were just behind a haystack. Then suddenly a green gas came out of nowhere and the Bawler put the bear on the haystack we were hiding behind. As we were going to go to Bawler,  3 monster grabbed me, my mom, and my dad. Bawler came to look at us and he was scared. I was so scared that i barley remembered anything. But i did remember the monsters head get crushed. That was awesome. When I turned around to see who saved me and my families life, it was the leader of the grizzly army. He brought a whole army with him. I thought we were going to loss because there were only a few bears left. I was wrong.

     As the last potion was going to hit, I leaped out so the potion was only on me. When i got hit, nothing happened to me. I only got stronger. I started rampaging. I first attacked all the bears, and all of them barfed and turned normal. The monsters kept shooting at me, but the bullets will only bounce back and hit them. There swords will break the second they hit me. They ran out of supplies so they started running away. All the bears are now normal. All the monsters are gone, and the castle wasn’t going to collapse. But then i realized one thing. We were extremely tired, and also happy. We won the battle. But we can’t celebrate. We only have a few bears left. Bawler wasn’t one of the few. He didn’t survive the attack. We all started crying. As we were crying, i saw Bawler in the corner. And in his hands, was a piece of paper. I grabbed it, and it said…

Dear the Pan’s,

     Thank you for this wonderful experience. This was what my dream was, to have an adventure. But with my job, a farmer, I never had a chance to do that. But when you came along, it was a amazing opportunity to have an adventure. You coming was the best thing that has ever happened to me. Thank you for the adventure.



     Then, i saw Bawler move a little. It was a amazing. We had never had something this wonderful happen to us. Bawler was alright. We were happy. Then the rest of the bears got up, too. The leader of the grizzly army said to Bawler,”You are a wonderful soul, so have this crown and become the leader of the grizzly army.” Then he went away.


Pawear (year)=2324 Panth (month)= Summer 1 (August) SunTop (day)=8th

     Me, Bawler, and my family all moved to the Grizzly village. We got a mansion (thanks to Bawlers help) and guards (also Bawlers). We got brought to a nice, eye doctor and now i can see better. Also, Bawler now is healthier than ever. Now we have a good life. Bawler goes on lots of adventures. And best of all, we are with our family. This is the story of us…

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