PANDA the story of all of us


The story of all of us

Part one, Birth, environment, and kingdom

563,458,105,235,823 B.K (Before King)

     Like every  other birth, it started with a explosion. The explosion wasn’t like any other explosion, it was an explosion of life. The explosion came from the flame of life, created by Pandamount, the life chemist. One of the C.J.7 planets most powerful chemist. He added bamboo to the flame of life. He waited for a while. And the n finally decided to go to bed and wait for the explosion.

     ”BOOM!” Pandamount (P.M) woke up in an instant. When he looked at the flame of life, an animal was sitting there. The animal was small, and the size of a stick of butter. It was pink. He named the species a Panda. P.M gave the Panda lots of choices. He let him choose the environment. The choices were 1. Jungle 2.forest 3.dessert 4.snow 5.grasslands 6.ocean 7.moutain 9.underground 10.exotic forest. The food type, Plants, Animal, and mixture. The Panda chose exotic forest and plant. P.M named that panda Pan. Pan was the first panda ever born.

518,232,513,515,565 B.K

     Pan became the god of Panda world. More and more pandas were born each minute. The pandas that time didn’t know almost anything. They didn’t develop any complex communication yet. They just communicated by drawing pictures. Years went by. There drawings got more complex. And they finally got words to talk now. They slowly got more advanced in making sounds. After a long time, they finally got to talk to each other. They started schools, work areas, villages, stores, farms, and so on. There village grew bigger and bigger every second. Then the owners of the village decided to make the big village to a Kingdom. This was the begging of the Pan kingdom. The Pan kingdom quickly started building the castle. They made an army, made every building stronger with a element stronger then steel. They created thick stone walls around the kingdom. Forests were being cut down. Armies surrounded the kingdom with millions of cannoneers, archers, barbarians, knights, armored swordsmen, catapults,and more. The kingdom Pan is still today, the strongest kingdom ever.

Part 2 is going to be war, diseases and religion.

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