PANDAS the story of all of us (Part 3)


The story of all of us

Part 3, Roz belief, new technology, and new diffrerent pandas.

100,000,000,000 pawears later… (the Pandas have a secret herb that lets them live A LONG time)

398,589, 698,545 B.K

     ”The Roz kingdom cannot succeed their settlement! Send half of our troops there to attack and destroy! Bring our bombs there and light there villages on fire!” as the leader of the army, Pandawell, screamed. “Roz is going to kill our pandas! The Roz has grizzlies, and we only have pandas!”

     ”Sir, but we have the technology to defeat them, we are smarter!”

     ”They already stole the bomb and the cannon from us, we have no better technology anymore! Tell all of the weapon engineers to get better weapons!!!”

At Panor’s mansion…

“Pant, pant, pant, the leader, Panzier, sent me here to tell you!”

“I already invented the bomb, what else does he want!”

“The messenger panda told Panor that Panzier wants extremely long ranged weapon, one that can kill a grizzly in one shot and one that is portable.”

Then the messenger left. Once he left Panors mansion, Panor quickly went to work in his work office. He created blueprints, one after an other. Then he tested a type of bow, how strong, how light, how small, and how fast it can shoot. It didn’t work. To heavy, big and low fire rate. Day after day, week by week, he can never get the design right. Then, he came up with a whole new plan. Instead of a sling-shot (like the bow’s string) he will use a blast to push the ball. It will all happen inside of a steel barrel. Panor called his new invention the gun. It was lighter, stronger, and the fire rate was better. He quickly sent his invention to Panzier. Panzier liked the idea. They started to mass produce them. This was how the won the war against the grizzlies. (there are still some believers of Roz)

In the walls of Pan, there was a new explorer. He heard a lot of pandas say they saw a new type of panda. The panda was hairy, stupid, and strong. The explorer, Pansor Panboo, was confident that he can find one. They all said they were in the north-west Panda World (like the location of Europe). On fall 2, he went out to find it.  It only took 7 suntops until he captured one. He was excited and brought it back to Panda world He called it the “Panda-Talls.” They were scared of them so then they started hunting them down. It took one Pawear to hunt them to extinction. That was the story of the Panda-talls.

Part 4 is going to be Electricity (their first power source) , Inventions, and smarter lifestyle

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