The War in the Deep (Part 1)

The War in the Deep (Part One)

 By Timmy

     Hi, I am Timmy the giant panda, but I’m not just a Panda. I’m the god of water of Panda World. I am telling a story of the first war in panda water city. “Hey Timmy,the red pandas are coming in for impact at are walls!”

“Ok, I’ll make sure no water gets in our city…”

Then suddenly a big “BOOM!” came.

“Boys! get to the subs and get ready for battle!”.

“Timmy!” said Pandze.


“The red pandas have a giant wave coming, okay?  Get to the laser cannons and make sure no one attacks the wall!” Behind TImmy, a army man said, “Timmy, your submarine is ready.”

“Okay.”  said.

As I ran to my sub, I finally see what my troops were talking about. I almost fainted as I was getting in my submarine.”Boys, let’s go to war!” As I watch the red pandas come in our wall and shoot at us. I  shoot rapidly and took out 3 red pandas, and one ship. I made the water push into some rocks. Then I saw the one thing I didn’t want to see. The mother submarine. I went at it as I took other submarines down. there was an opening at the bottom that I went into it. It was very dark in there I started walking into the dark, and then the light came on. I looked around. There was about 900 red pandas starring at me with hungry eyes that were about to kill me. Only a group of Giant Pandas can beet this, but not only one.


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(This doesn’t go with the Life of a Panda series, which is coming in a month or so!)

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