It all started with an search, some pandas were searching for a herb that could give the owner that picked it a immortal life. It was a mere coincidence that the queen or darkness was searching too. She was using a potion to make herself beautiful instead of people having to see her hideous, ugly face. She stumbled and accidentally tripped one of the pandas. Obviously, the pandas didn’t know it was the queen of darkness. So they killed her on the spot.

News spread to the darkness king and he sent 4 of his best men to avenge his wife’s life. The next morning the 2 pandas were gone.

The parents of the 2 pandas were begging the king to keep searching so Pan the king sent two of his best men to search for the pandas. So general Pandze and his best student Panbo set out for the search. They were searching for hours and they saw the bamboo getting darker every time they took a step. “Let’s go back,”  the student

“Okay let’s go,” the general replied

As they started to leave 5 dark soldiers came

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